Student Testimonials

  • Aditya Basu Developer, Media.net

    "The undergraduate curriculum is completely based on a hands-on approach, which requires students to complete multiple projects every semester. This coupled with the excellent internship opportunities available via the campus, has helped me become a seasoned engineer. The inter-disciplinary nature of courses has also given me the ability to better appreciate and tackle real-life problems in a much more holistic and practical way."

  • Sharmila Jampani Oracle private LTD

    "Doing Mater's at DA-IICT was a great experience. Working with eminent professors and engineers in the VLSI industry instilled in me the practical knowledge that is needed to grow up in my career. It's not what you learn, it's how you learn. That is what you get at DA-IICT. All in all, a beautiful campus with lush greenery where one can enjoy, learn and experiment."

  • Swarnim Vyas Deloitte

    "The four years of my under graduation at DA-IICT have been the most learning years of my life. The institute provides an excellent platform and ample exposure for students to explore themselves, aspire bigger and challenge their limits. The unique ICT curriculum, highly qualified and friendly faculty, blend of technical and humanity courses together make atmosphere conducive to student's overall growth. The small sized, very active and diverse student community leads to interactions with huge variety of people and those interactions today form a major part of my learning. One just discovers himself/herself by getting lost in woods of the campus. I am sure that exemplary technical and soft skills developed here help individuals ace in all their future endeavors."

  • Ryan Uthup Rallis India Ltd – A TATA Enterprise

    "My stay in DAIICT is something which I will cherish all my life. I had never come across a place like DAIICT with so much cross cultural and diversified atmosphere. I came across students and faculties from different disciplines and interaction with them made me more knowledgeable and open minded. I was fortunate to have many friends from various courses who taught me so many different things. Even today in my professional life, I get opportunity to work in projects or areas which are different from my core field because of the diverse learnings I acquired at DAIICT. Very few get such opportunity and I am one of those fortunate ones. So I thank DAIICT, my teachers and all friends for making my stay so enjoyable and memorable."

  • Raagi Sukhlecha Developer, Amazon

    "Undergraduate education at DA-IICT was the best part of my life and I feel fortunate to be a part of this institute for it helped me develop myself, both technically and personally. Highly qualified faculty and flexible curriculum which offers a unique amalgam of technical and humanities courses along with the vibrant campus life helped us to become socially aware technologists prepared both for industrial and research domain . The small student community size ensured close interaction with faculty, making education interesting. I am sure that the technical and so skills developed here will help students to excel wherever they go."

  • Aakash Shah Project Manager, Evosys

    "DA-IICT provides an amazing platform upon which you can build your career. It gives the freedom to choose your own path, the guidance to walk upon it and opportunities to realise your destination. I will recognise the two years spent at the amazing campus, amongst the esteem faculties as the most significant years of my life. The learnings imparted during those two years have helped me achieve my goals and i am sure they will continue to do so in the years to come"

  • Pradip Kumar Singh Software engineer R&D, Hewlett-Packard

    "One of the best colleges of India equipped with state of art facilities and infrastructure. The unique course structure supported by excellent faculty provides all opportunity to students to unearth their interests and pursue their career. The freedom given here in this regard is truly unrivaled."

  • Nivesh Ray Software Engineer, Infosys

    "DAIICT is one of the best educational institute in the country which offers best faculty, wide variety of courses and electives, excellent learning environment and an exciting place to be a part of. All four years of mine have been a great learning experience whose memories will remain with me forever."