Student Testimonials

Research at the institute falls into several contemporary areas of Information and Communication Science and Engineering (VLSI design, mobile ad-hoc and sensor networks, wireless communication, digital signal & image processing, machine intelligence, security, embedded systems, and bioinformatics) and of Social Sciences and Rural Development. To support research and development, a full range of required infrastructure has been established, including well-equipped laboratories, specialized equipment, campus wide networking, high - speed internet access and subscription to hundreds of print and online journals. An important aim of the research and development activities is to stimulate and enhance the research ability and potential of students who have the interest and aptitude to carry out innovative research. DA-IICT Centre for Entrepreneurship and Incubation (DCEI) started in 2007 is a launch pad for students and faculty who wish to turn their technical inventiveness into successful businesses. To provide impetus to the various incubation activities at DCEI, the Department of Information Technology (DietY), Government of India has sanctioned a grant of Rs. 1.5 crore under the Technology Incubation and Development of Entrepreneurship (TIDE) scheme to provide financial assistance to start-ups.

The DA-IICT has signed Memorandum of Understanding with national and international Institutions to promote and enhance academic and research interactions as well as collaborations. The notable MOUs are: Government of Gujarat to mentor the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Vadodara, Indian Navy for training, joint research and development; Space Application Center, Ahmedabad for research collaboration, Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar for teaching, research and exchange of faculty; Institut Superieur D'Electronique De Paris, France for exchange of faculty, students and joint research; TATA Consultancy Services for Research Scholar Program; Ramakrishna Sarada Sevashram, Bastar, for joint research; eiTRA-einfochips Institute of Training Research and Academics, Ahmedabad to train and upgrade the skills of eiTRA employees, provide consultancy and guidance for technological research and project execution, associate with academic programs offered by Ganpat University and project/internship of DA-IICT students at eiTRA-einfochips; and International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics, Hyedrabad for teaching, training and research; exchange and host students and scholars for research and degree programs by each other.

Ongoing Current Projects
Agency Title Investigators
GUJCOST Processor RTL Customization and Development of Low Power Design Flow Methodology Prof. Amit Bhatt, Prof. Mazad Zaveri
GUJCOST Enabling Technologies for Remote Health Monitoring. Prof. Biswajit Mishra, Prof. Manik Lal Das
BRNS Kinetic Modeling of Large size Negative Ion Sources for Fusion Application using Emerging Parallel Processing Computer Architectures. Prof. Bhaskar Chaudhury, Prof. Mukesh Tiwari
DIT Speech based Access of Agricultural Commodity Prices and Weather Information in 12 Indian Languages/Dialects (ASR-Consortium-Phase II) Prof. Hemant Patil, Prof. M.V.Joshi
DST Wireless Telemedicine using Body Area Sensor Networks and Heterogeneous Access Networks Prof. Laxminarayana Pillutla
DietY Development of Cross Lingual Information (CLIA) System Phase-II Prof. Prasenjit Majumder, Prof. Suman Mitra
DST Service–oriented Architecture for spatial Data Integration and Spatial reasoning Prof. Minal Bhise, Prof. Sanjay Chaudhary
DST Indian Digital Heritage (IDH-Hampi) Phase-II (Digital Capture of Culture & Heritage) Prof. M.V. Joshi, Prof. Hemant Patil
National Innovation Foundation Value Addition in Grassroots Technologies Prof. Anil Roy, Prof. Rahul Dubey
DeitY Development of Prosodically Guided Phonetic Engine for searching speech database in Indian - Languages Prof. M.V. Joshi, Prof. Hemant Patil
DeitY Development of Text to Speech System in Indian Languages Phase - II Prof. Hemant Patil, Prof. M.V. Joshi
ISRO/DOS Design, development and hardware implementation of BPSK, QPSK and other modulation schemes as part of Software Defined Radio (SDR)/ Cognitive Radio (CR), for use in SATCOM terminals Prof. Vijay Kumar Chakka, Prof. Rahul Dubey
National Science Foundation Center Early Adopter - NSF / TCPP CDER Prof. Bhaskar Chaudhury, Prof. Mukesh Tiwari
DST Evaluation of spatiotemporal dynamics of land surface evapo-transpiration and monsoon rainfall coupling over Indian region for climate change studies Dr. Indrani Choudhury Singh
BRNS/DAE Techniques for robust face recognition with pose variation Prof. Suman Mitra, Prof. Mehul Raval
DST Developing of Infant Cry Analyzer using source and system features Prof. Hemant Patil
DietY Speech based Access of Agricultural Commodity Prices and Weather Information in 12 Indian Languages/ Dialects (ASR) Consortium-Phase II Prof. Hemant Patil, Prof. M.V.Joshi
SAC-ISRO Ultra Wide Band Dielectric Resonator Antenna Prof. Deepak Ghodgaonkar, Prof. Sanjeev Gupta
SHM-GUJARAT Techno Feasibility Study on Automation of Hydroponics and Green House Cultivation Prof. Gaurav Mishra, Prof. Rahul Dubey
NBHM/DAE Knowledge Compilation in Modal and Multimodal Logic Prof. Manoj Kumar Raut, Prof. Rahul Muthu
DeitY Expansion of Technology Incubation and Development of Entrepreneurs (TIDE) in the areas of Electronics and ICT Prof. Anish Mathuria, Prof. Manish Gupta
Completed Projects
Agency Title Investigators
Board for Research in Fusion Technologies (BRFST) Sensor Network Test-Bed For Tokamak Environment →Prabhat Ranjan
→Rahul Dubey
DST (Indo-Japan) DST (Indo-Japan) Security Proofs And Multidisciplinary Evaluation For Dynamic Key Assignment Schemes →Anish Mathuria
→Manik Lal Das
DST (Indo-Spain) DST (Indo-Spain) Security and Privacy Infrastructure for Internet of Things – Scenarios and Applications →Manik Lal Das
→Anish Mathuria
DST Distortion and Accuracy Improvement in Sample and Hold Circuits for Analog-Digital Converters →Subhajit Sen
→Chetan Parikh
→Dipankar Nagchoudhuri
Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Integrated Histories of Andaman Islands →Vishvajit Pandya
→Madhumita Mazumdar
Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research (IFCPAR) Robust Ultra-Low-Power Double-Gate MOSFET Design of Analog, Digital And SRAM Memory Circuits →Chetan Parikh
→Dipankar Nagchoudhuri
National Trust National Trust Finger/Wrist mounted Universal Remote Control for CP Patient →Prabhat Ranjan
Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) Earth Model for Wireless Sensor Nodes for Detection of Water on Moon / Water sensing systems based on Tuned Diode Laser for Planetary Mission →Prabhat Ranjan

Research Papers and Publications


Prof. A. Hemant Patil, Purvi Agarwal: Presented a research paper titled "Fusion of a novel Volterra-Wiener filter based nonlinear residual phase and MFCC for speaker verification" at 18th International Conference on Text, Speech and Dialogue, Plzen, Czech Republic.
Prof. Minal Bhise, Prof. Asim Banerjee, Sanjay Chaudhary, Aakash Goyal and Chetan Moradiya: Presented a research paper titled "Agro-Advisory System for Cotton Crop" at 7th International Conference on Communication Systems and Networks.
Prof. Aditya Tatu, Sumukh Bansal: Presented a research paper titled "A Novel Active Contour Model for Texture Segmentation" at 10th International Conference, EMMCVPR 2015, Hong Kong, China.


Prof. Sourish Dasgupta, Savan Vaghela, Vishwa Modi, Dhruvi Shah and Hitarth Kanakia : Participated for the second time, as the only Indian team, in the International Artificial Intelligence Angry Birds Competition, 2014 hosted by the European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2014 at , Prague, Czech Republic and came sixth world-wide. The objective of the competition is to develop a software robot that can understand complex, unknown structures and devise a strategy on-the-fly to destroy them in an optimal way within limited time.
Shikhar Kumar Gupta and Foram Meghal Joshi : Invited to the Foundations of Nanoscience Conference (FNANO’14) organised at Snowbird, Utah, USA by the Duke university on April 11-14, 2014 to present their research work on a software 3DNA (a tool for DNA sculpting).
Shalin Shah and Vijay Dhameliya : Presented a research paper titled “ImPatho - An Image Processing based Pathological Decision Support System for Disease Detection and an Novel Tool for Overall Health Governance” at IEEE R10 HTC 2014 conference.
Shalin Shah and Dixita Limbachiya : Presented a research paper titled “DNACloud: A Tool to Store Big Data on DNA” at Foundations of Nanoscience Conferenc (FNANO’14) organised at Snowbird, Utah, USA by the Duke university on April 11-14, 2014.
Nirmesh J. Shah, Bhavik Vachhani and Hardik : “Effectiveness of PLP-based Phonetic Segmentation Algorithms for Speech Synthesis”, Proceedings of International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Proceesing (ICASSP), Florence, Italy, pp. 270-274, May 4 to 9, 2014.
Nirmesh J. Shah : Awarded 800 USD as travel grant from IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) to attend and present paper in IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2014, Florence, Italy during May 4 to 9, 2014.


Shrishail S. Gajbhar : Won best paper award on "Image Denoising using Redundant Finer Directional Wavelet Transform" at the Fourth National Conference on Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing and Graphics (NCVPRIPG), 2013 organized by the Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur (IIT­J).


Sandeep Vasani, Mohit Pandey, and Minal Bhise: "Semantic Search Using Constrained Spread Activation for Semantic Digital Library", published in Springer LNCS Volume 7154. The paper got selected for presentation in ICDCIT 2012.
Gitam Shikkenawis, Suman K Mitra : "A New Proposal for Locality Preserving Projection", appeared in Proceedings of Perception and Machine Intelligence, 2012, LNCS, Vol 7143,pp 298-305
Gitam Shikkenawis : presented a poster named "Improved Locality Preserving Projection :An extension of LPP to resolve ambiguity occurring in overlapping region" at Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, Bangalore, India.


Shikkenawis, Gitam: "Geometry and Skin Color Based Hybrid Approach for Face Tracking in Color Environment" , published by Springer in Advances in Computer Science and Information Technology, Communication in Computer and Information Science, 2011, Vol. 131, Part 2,339-347.
Parth Mehta, Parth Parikh and Prof. Chintan Modi: an IEEE paper on ' Non Destructive Quality Evaluation Of Chocolate Chip Cookies ' presented at CSNT-'11, Jammu.
Patel, Mehul; Chaudhary, Sanjay; Bhise, Minal: "Agro-Produce Marketing Using Social Network". The paper is accepted as a short paper at "First International Workshop on Social Media Engagement (SoME 2011)" in conjunction with International World Wide Web Conference 2011 in Hyderabad, India.
Patel, Kishan; Lomas, Derek:"Exploring the Design Space of Telephony Applications for Community Organizations and Social Activism", appeared in proceedings of CHI-2011's workshop "HCI, Politics and the City: Engaging with Grassroots Communities for Reflection and Action", Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, May 7-12, 2011.
Bhatt, Shreyansh ; Chaudhary, Sanjay; Bhise, Minal :"An Approach to Migration of Database from one Cloud to another", presented at wcloud 2011, Workshop on Issues in Virtualization / Cloud Systems.


Gupta, Parth; Rao, Sameer; Majumdar, Prasenjit: "External Plagiarism Detection: N-Gram Approach using Named Entity Recognizer", appeared in Lab Report for PAN at CLEF, Sept. 22-23, Padua, Italy, 2010. In Braschler et al. ISBN 978-88-